Our Services

We offer our specialized and industry oriented services to:

Start up business
Considering the challenges faced by start-ups with respect to competition, pressure of fast growth, a paced market movement, complex industry trends, finances, lack of structure and more, we as experts; provide seamless services both at the legal and business consulting front. Our area of expertise extends towards structural as well as drafting requirements for start-up businesses.
Enterprise, Organization and Business
Our professional services extend towards drafting and business consultation to organizations with respect to business policies, framework, drafting requirements and structuring of organizations. Our team of experts are in sync with industry standards and various business mandates with reference to contracts, drafting terms and conditions, employment contracts, policies and procedures.
Advocates, Legal practitioners and Law firms
Our team of experts recognize industry standards, moving trends and the pressure of meeting deadlines in a competitive environment. Hence, we provide all kinds of drafts to legal practitioners, advocates and law firms including; but not limited to, civil drafts, criminal drafts, deeds, contracts, petitions, plaints, applications and more.
Pre-drafted documents
In addition to drafting and consulting services, we also have experts contributing their efforts in deep down analysis, editing, proof-reading and copy editing of pre drafted documents. We keep our clients’ requirement as our structural framework during delivery of any project or engagement. Our team understands the needs of each client individually making us a more specialized team of experts, with high standards of delivery within the industry.